Adaptive Segmentation

We've analyzed over 30 Million active US customers to curate highly targeted campaigns for every independent vertical.

Growth Dependent Model

We scale when you hit your goals. This mean we succeed only when you receive valuable conversions at a fixed cost per each acquired customer.

Transparent Spending

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Thousands of brands have already begun their transformation with instar.

Complete email performance growth marketing

True to email for over 20 years, our team of acquisition specialists know how your customers engage.
  •  Objective based CPA pricing = Pay for what you need.
  •  Custom stage based strategy = Every goal is unique.
  •  Personalized targeted messaging = Your story told.
  •  A/B copy & creative testing = Out perform your own best.
  •  Proprietary segmentation = Advanced customer targeting.
  •  Reduced text marketing = Highest chance of engagement.
  •  Single point CTA's = Customers know exactly what to do.
  •  Fully managed inbox deliverability = The most visibility.
  •  Complete cycle marketing = Multiple entry point funnels.
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Optimize your campaigns with confidence.

Tailored Results

Each affiliate solution is tailored for every client to achieve their specific initiative from implementation, reporting, traffic sources, to training and consulting.

High-Quality Services

Experience unparalleled quality in ethical practices and customer services. Our rigorous processes ensure and maintain healthy business relationships.

One-stop Solutions

We care about budget and work tirelessly to deliver beyond expectations. Work with multiple in-house teams and services to promote all of your content and high-quality campaigns.

Customer-centric Approach

Login to see how our selection of global media buyers are performing with real time performance dashboards and advanced campaign analytics.

Learn how instar makes finding higher value connections easier for both Advertisers & Publishers

Consider becoming a publisher with instar if you have loyal digital followers or dependable website traffic. Find leading and emerging brands optimized with the highest payout for every niche.
instar provides functional training and support to improve our publishers affiliate marketing strategy. Set targets with individual offers and track progress with real time scheduled alerts.
Ensure uninterrupted tracking with our cross-platform cookie-free technology. Advertisers experience access to our trusted partners audience through newsletters, blogs, apps, social, and other sources.
No maintenance fees means advertisers only pay for sales or conversions. Our minimum spending model maximizes your investment across different domains and marketing channels.

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